So 2015 wasn’t a great year for blog posting but let’s see what this year can bring.  There’ll be the usual stuff: working; cycking; trying to drink less etc and the odd rant about drivers in London. There may even be some rants against cyclists as I’ve encountered a few complete muppets lately both on the road and on the Web.

So first up, the job. As of tomorrow I stop being a problem manager and move to incident management. IM is much faster paced as it’s about restoring service as quickly as possible. PM is slower, maybe more analytical but with less outside contact. I’m looking forward to the change but my specialism is problem management so it will be interesting. I also move from being a team lead to being a trainee. I understand IM and have done it as a duty manager but there are all those little things I need to learn.

On the cycling front, I was just getting back into it last year when I suffered from a sore arm. The tests showed that among other things I have an irregular heartbeat. There are still tests to be done but I’ve decided I need to get out there cycling now

rather than later. Kicking stuff off with a trip to Whitstable next week and I’m also aiming for a century a month in 2016.

On the drinking front, I’m trying a new plan. I’m going to drink less but with a better quality of beer. So it’s out with 12 cans of Kronenbourg and in with speciality beers



Well it’s been over a year this time since I last posted. I’ll be trying to write more in the future but this is just a short holding post really.

I’ve apparently got an irregular heartbeat so I’m currently waiting to see a cardiologist. I’ve also had lots of problems with my arm which mean I’ve not been out on a bike much but hopefully will get out soon.

I’ve got a new tablet arriving this week which will allow for more posts on here

Been a while again, must get better at this blogging lark. There will be another blog quite soon though regarding a particular phone recycler who I think people should steer clear of. I’m waiting for my cash to arrive though before I openly lay into them. Watch this space

I’ve done a bit more cycling lately and am getting back into the groove. New tyres should arrive for Lelly today and I’ve got a couple of weeks off soon so will be doing a lot more.

Also I went to see the Tour de France when it came through London the other day.  Below are some pics and a video.

2014-07-07 12.13.05 2014-07-07 12.35.12 2014-07-07 13.47.27 2014-07-07 13.47.43 2014-07-07 13.48.04 2014-07-07 13.49.37 2014-07-07 13.50.02 2014-07-07 13.50.52 2014-07-07 13.51.15 2014-07-07 13.53.28 2014-07-07 13.53.52 2014-07-07 13.53.53 2014-07-07 13.56.40 2014-07-07 13.56.41 2014-07-07 13.56.59 2014-07-07 13.57.04 2014-07-07 13.57.05 2014-07-07 13.57.24 2014-07-07 13.57.26

Well maybe not a video. I’ll work on that.

Well I’m getting on ok with the iPad. Getting the hang of the different apps and the different experiences to Android.

I’m struggling to get used to the breadmaker though but the last one is looking ok as it starts to bake. The first one


The second and third ones didn’t turn out so good though


On a more positive note I also managed 50 miles on Lelly yesterday for the first time since my last gout attack. Hopefully all is now well and I’ll be fit for the FNRttC on Friday night.

Also positive is my latest bout of not drinking is going ok but it’s early days.

Well still getting used to the iPad. I am quite impressed but it isn’t as linked up as Android is. The actual device itself is a joy to use though, smooth as silk. I’ve also now got a SIM card for it from GiffGaff so I’ll be able to use it anywhere.

Elsewhere I notice that black cab drivers have been attacking the offices of a company called Hailo. Hailo allows you to easily book a car to take you home, quite possibly with a friendly and helpful driver which you are unlikely to get in a black cab. The black cabs see this as a threat though and rather than up their game and actually improve they use bully boy tactics instead. It really is time to deregulate their trade and make them compete on level ground. I won’t even get into how badly they actually drive particularly around cyclists.

Also to note , it’s my birthday drinks tomorrow at the We Anchor in Hope on Bellegrove Road in Welling. I’m having a quieter birthday this year than previous years which means my liver may actually survive the week. I’m hoping to be back out on Lelly and riding distances by the end if the week too.

Anyway that’s it for today. As I’ll probably be in the pub on my own tomorrow so I may blog again then.

We’ll this is the first blog from my iPad . I’m hoping that I’ll now blog more with this device. We’ll see.

Gout has been good since Allopurinol with little issue. I have overdosed on magnums and haribo without any pain.

I’m coming up to my birthday soon, got an iPad, will also be getting a bread maker so there will be discussion on here about recipes later.

I will sort out how to add photos eventually and any tips anyone can offer on iPad is good.

So it’s been a while again. What news is there? Well I had a really, really bad attack of gout a few weeks ago in my hand (probably the 2nd worst place to get gout after in the hip) and so finally decided the time had come to move onto Allopurinol. This is a tablet I’m going to have to take for the rest of my life but having had the pain of gout in my hand for over a week, it had to be done. I’ve still got pain in my hand and wrist and it’s hard to tell whether or not it’s a remnant of the gout or whether the last gout attack was so bad it did some actual damage. I’ll see if it settles down.


Last Thursday I also found out I’m allergic to wholemeal pasta. Didn’t have any ordinary pasta in the house so didn’t think anything of using the wholemeal stuff. Anyway I turned up for the midnight start of a Friday Night Ride to the Coast to Felpham feeling really ill. Gave it some thought while waiting for the off and decided I was probably better off in bed so went home. On Friday I had a rash around my lower legs, by Saturday I was calling NHS 111 as the rash had spread to everywhere. It turned out to be an allergic reaction and all fingers are pointing at the pasta. We’ll see if anything like that happens again.


On the cycling front, I haven’t really managed to get much done. I have struggled with rides of 100 miles or more again this year but I’m hoping that if I can string a few together plus some 60 mile training rides I’ll be ok.


Next week it will be a year since mum died. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll feel on the anniversary, I’m hoping to keep busy and have hired a skip to finally get round to clearing the garage out. You never know I might finally make enough room to store my bikes in there!


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